Lascombe Hill

Lascombe Hill Design, based in Hampshire and spearheaded by established British cabinetmaker David Ellis, has been producing, restoring, and designing furniture for over 30 years. Whether it is using traditional methods and techniques to create bespoke pieces, working from the blueprints of cabinetmakers from across the centuries, or utilising the very latest modern techniques to build contemporary furniture and joinery, with his artisan team of craftsmen they have a breadth of knowledge and skill to undertake a broad range of approaches.

The workshop have produced furniture for private clients, interior decorators, renowned furniture brands, and architecture firms around the world, always employing sustainable resources and with a focus on British materials, with a reverence for the legacy of the processes of traditional cabinetmaking. Each project requires a different focus, from precision reproduction pieces, to collaborative effort - in all cases, David Ellis and the team at Lascombe Hill are able to work with each client to achieve the specific design criteria, with an individual focus on scale, comfort, fit, and proportion.